For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,...The King reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me" Matthew 25:35,40

Friday, August 19, 2011


Yes, you read that right....our agency is expecting our LOA this upcoming MONDAY!!! Can I just tell you how blessed I feel right now. We are currently on day 52 of waiting for our LOA and when we receive our LOA on Monday it will be day 55. There are many, many families that have been waiting much, much longer than 55 days...some are at or over the 100 day mark. Honestly, my heart is saddened that so many families are waiting and yet there is still not rhyme or reason to why they have waited or are still waiting so long. But, as for us, we are THRILLED! And for that, I thank God. Seriously, when we started this journey in January we just moved on faith. We encountered many obstacles. But, throughout this adoption journey we have witnessed the powerful hand of God. There's the saying that if God calls you too it, He will see you through it. We have lived this and we believe it...wholeheartedly. There is not one thing any one person could say to me to make me think otherwise. Nope. No way. No How. We have witnessed God provide in so many ways through so many people and circumstances. Nothing we could have ever imagined or guessed...and it's been AWESOME! We are looking forward to Monday...and I, of course, will keep you posted. We are getting sooooo very close!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please...if you can help...

I follow a blog which I adore. The woman, Adeye, who writes has the biggest heart for the orphan. She is desperatley trying to raise money for this sweet 11 year old girl, Liliana, who weighs in at 10 pounds. Yes, you read that right. It is not a typo. Liliana is 11 years old and weighs 10 pounds. That's the weight of some babies at birth! If you just can't imagine that what I am telling you is true, please check out the blog. Click here and you will read about something that is so awful and so unbelievable that I pray you feel compelled to help. She needs you and she needs me to advocate for her and to donate money to get her OUT. Friends, I have no idea how this little girl has even survived. Let's rally around her and show her for the first time what LOVE really is.

Please pray for little Liliana and consider what you can give...then please give!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Today, we celebrated our son, Samuel's 6th birthday. Boy, did we have a good day...pool time, some slip n slide action, pizza, watermelon, icecream cake, balloons, many renditions of "Happy Birthday to You", wonderful presents, and sweet conversations with wonderful friends and family. It is so fun watching him enjoy his day. It's all about him today...and he was loving every second of it! And so was I. As I was preparing last night and into the morning for his birthday, I was struck by the thought that today as I celebrate the birth of our Samuel, there is atleast 1 (if not many more) child/children who shares the same birthday as my Samuel, but who will not have a mommy "fuss" over their birthday. Out of 147 million orphans worldwide, there is someone who today, although it is their birthday, won't have a mommy running all over town at night trying to get the "best" gift for them, attempting to get balloons into the car without them popping in her face or flying away, buying a special cake and fun party games. That child will not have a daddy cut out of work for half the day just to make it a point to be at the big birthday party. That child will not have a mommy and daddy to pray over them that God would protect them and guide them this next year. That child will have no little brothers and sisters trying to "help" unwrap the presents or to show off his/her new clothes. There will be no friends wishing him/her well and laughing together as they run off and play tag. Instead, they will go the entire day...most likely unaware that it is even their birthday. Alone. Without Hope. Without a Future. Goodness, this is just not right. Now' I get that 147 million orphans is an overwhelming number and changing this statistic isn't going to happen overnight. But, what about changing it for just ONE child. How about one less statistic? Now, that's not too overwhelming, is it? Just one. Just one extra place setting at the table, just one extra toothbrush, just one extra hug and kiss goodnight, just one extra prayer in the evening, just one more birthday party to "fuss" over.

Just ONE.

Think about it.

Just One.